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While I love the modern age of delivering your photos digitally and not having to worry about a DVD getting scratched or eaten by the dog, I think there is something so vital in having an album. It is something to put your hands on, to share together every year on your anniversary as you remember your wedding day. To show off to your children and eventually your grandchildren. It becomes not just a book, but a piece of history.


I have a degree in photojournalism from University of Missouri. I worked as a full time newspaper photographer for nearly 10 years before going into weddings, covering everything from the President to the World Series. Yes, it was a blast, but I have never looked back!

The engagement session is so important! It helps me figure out how you are in front of the camera and gets you relaxed and into the moment. So when you wedding rolls around, it won't feel like the paparazzi has invaded your life. If you live far away, I strongly suggest that we meet somewhere for the session! If that's not possible, NO WORRIES! We will still make incredible photos and have a blast while we are doing it.



My goal is to show up almost as an old friend with a great camera, so it's nice and relaxed as we go about documenting your day. I love to show up early, and watch you transform into a stunning bride. We'll laugh and joke as you get ready and I'll spend some time taking photographs of those little details that mean so much. I might pop over and see the groom as he and his guys are tying ties and laughing with nervous energy. During the ceremony I try to be as unobtrusive as possible to let it unfold as it should, with dignity and reverence. After the ceremony we'll get those family photos everyone loves and then we'll rock the reception until the last dance is done.


My style of shooting is a combination of photojournalism with a modern twist! I love to capture the feel of the wedding and tell the story of your day. And I LOVE to take you out for 15 or 20 minutes and make some killer photos you'll never forget!


WHY do I shoot weddings? Why not! I honestly cannot think of another job where I get to document happiness and give the gift of joyous memories to all my clients! I want the photography aspect of your wedding to be THE thing that you don't have to worry about. period.